Monday, March 17, 2008

Terror in Tibet

The Dalai Lama condemned on Sunday what he called China's "rule of terror" and "cultural genocide" in Tibet, calling for an international probe into unrest in his homeland.
I suppose Tibetans should count themselves lucky, that the mainstream media actually report such 'heinous' comments.

"Please investigate, if possible... some international organisation can try firstly to inquire about the situation in Tibet," the Buddhist spiritual leader said.

This is a man now branded a monster.
But China can rest assured: we in the democratic world will continue to buy 'made in China' en masse. We will continue to quiver before the 'yellow peril'. We will flock to your Olympic Games.
Since PRC refused to compete in the Olympics while Taiwan was competing under the name 'Republic of China', you'd think our 'democracies' could refuse to compete alongside, let alone in, a country which murders, terrorises and demonises a section of it's population. But no, democracy is ok at home, at best useless in our client states.