Friday, October 12, 2007

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Since President Ahmadinejad of Iran was invited to Columbia University in the United States, I think the least we can do, in the interest of free information, is to listen to what he had to say. I would be very interested in having a debate about his speech, and more precisely his answers to the questions put to him. I would certainly have issues to raise with him if I was given the chance, most noteably on gays and women's rights in Iran.
It seems to me, however, that, whatever we may think of his honesty, he clearly answered the questions put to him by Lee Bollinger in his utterly subjective introduction to Ahmadinejad.
For now, I have one question: If President Bush of the United States was invited to speak at an iranian university, would he go? More importantly, what would he say?


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