Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When the word "lie" just won't do.

On the right you will see a picture. It is a dog. I am the King of Spain. I wrote War & Peace. Ridiculous lies, right? How about this one:
“The president said this isn’t the fight we entered in Iraq, but it’s the fight we’re in,” [White House press spokesman Tony] Fratto told reporters Friday. “We went in as a multinational force under U.N. authorization to take military action in Iraq. We were there as an occupying force, and now we’re there at the invitation of the sovereign, elected government of Iraq.”

Those of you with a memory stretching back farther than the last episode of Idol will recall that the U.S. did not go to Iraq with UN approval. In fact, as the Secretary General of the UN pointed out, the invasion of Iraq violated the international law, in part by violating the UN Charter.

Ok, the Niger thing was pretty weak, but still. They gave up the terrorist argument after it was debunked. They relied on people dutifully not bothering to read public records to get them to believe Iraq had a dangerous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Lame stuff, but still, not literally high school level.

Now we get things like a press conference given by anonymous officials, in which no electronic recording devices were allowed, where they displayed a shell with English printing and a Christian calendar date and we are supposed to believe that this is evidence of a need to strike Iran. But this bold rewriting of history has to be the ultimate. I am left stunned. This gives a new standard to the phrase 'insulting one's intelligence.'


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