Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No Evidence of Meddling by Iran's Regime

From McClatchy Newspapers via Common Dreams:
A day after the U.S. military charged Iran's government with shipping powerful explosive devices to Shiite Muslim fighters in Iraq to use against American troops, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [ Marine Gen. Peter Pace]said Monday that he hasn't seen any intelligence to support the claim.
Pace goes on to say that devices manufactured in Iran have been found, but this does not mean the Iranian government is involved.

But hold on a moment. What is this?:

Why is it that an Islamic regime would use the Christian date 3-2006 and not the Jalāli Calendar (used in Iran) date of E [as in Esfand] 1384? Could it be that the Iranian military has adopted the Christian calendar, or could it be that an organisation [the U.S. military] that has been caught lying time and time again is once again lying?

And while pondering that thought, let us remember that we have zero direct evidence. We have only the military's say-so, and, given their track record, taking them at their word would be very foolish. And the circumstances around the announcement were bizarre to say the least: the officials were anonymous and reporters were not allowed to bring in recording devices of any kind.

But most importantly of all, please forget the fact that last year, the AP reported that private Saudis were providing money for Sunni insurgents (i.e. those who are doing most of the attacks against the U.S. and whom the Iranians would not want to support) to buy weapons.


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