Wednesday, October 25, 2006

History repeating

I have watched a documentary about the 1956 'Suez Crisis'. The Suez Canal was in British hands when Nasser decided to take it over and nationalise it. As Nasser had recieved arms from the Soviet Union (though he was an anti-communist who had communists arrested and detained), British PM Anthony Eden claimed Nasser was a Soviet ally. For this, he used 'information' from the secret services. Information which was false. At the same time, and somewhat paradoxically, Nasser was accused by Eden of being a fascist. Eden decided to get rid of Nasser, ie. to operate a regime change in Egypt. As the US tried to appease Britain, the latter and France came to a secret agreement with Israel in Sèvres, France, that Israel would stage a fake invasion of the Sinaï, which would gave an excuse to Britain to set an ultimatum to Egypt and Israel to stop hostilities. Israel would obviously withdraw, while Egypt's Nasser could not accept the ultimatum therefore allowing Britain and France to intervene. When war broke out between Egypt, Britain and France, Eden claimed he was 'utterly convinced' of the just nature of his war. After a short and disastrous war, based on lies, Eden resigned. Does any of this sound familiar? In those days, information was far less available to the public than it is today. Today, the lies and manipulation of 'our' leaders come to light much quicker. The question I ask myself is, how much time has to pass before the truth becomes historical fact?


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