Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New feature (reader request)

Terrorism News tends to get asked a very high number of repeated questions and we have decided on the idea of including a FAQ to deal with such questions.

Before we commence I am wondering if any of the readers of Terrorism News have any questions about the site . Our motives , the team , its purpose or anything else that has been asked many times before. We are giving anyone who so desires the chance to submit a question that we may well include an answer in the above mentioned FAQ.

Anyone who has such a question that would not normally be considered 'on topic' is invited to put their question to us direct, to help us with the creation of a FAQ by sending an email with their question to.

Email Terrorism News

Note : All emails are considered as acceptable to publish unless clearly stated by the author.
Please also note that any such questions left in comment threads will be ignored and subject to deletion.
Apart from that any questions or suggestions are most welcome and will be looked at.

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