Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Heart of “Terror”

By: Bill Noxid

It’s unfortunate that we are still subjected to non-news in this country. I have no question it is a temporary condition that is running out of time faster than I could have imagined. The world at this point is evolving exponentially. “Revolution” is breaking out all over the planet and our media is as usual focused solely on the plight of one white child.

Without a doubt, everyone in this country should be watching the U.N. General Assembly. You can be sure the rest of the world is. This is just another example of why people in this country can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t “agree” with us. In order to have any kind of dialogue or “understanding” at all is it necessary to at least hear the other perspective before you conclude it must be wrong or “insane”. Americans tend to have considerable resistance to such logic.

However the rest of the world is not resistant to this logic and never has been. In fact it’s the only explanation for the current state of the world. Americans have always been given the opportunity to speak and have been given the benefit of the doubt.

As a direct result of the world’s openness and forgiving nature, the United States has been able to maneuver itself ( certainly not by honorable means ) into what “appears” to be the sole position of power on the planet.

Again, this is pure self delusion and the only reason it can and continues to exist is by the deliberate and consistent effort to avoid seeing anything else. Coverage and commentary on the speeches over the last two days is a prime example.

If you’re American, the only thing you know about this two-day event is that George Bush spoke for twenty minutes. He reminded us that 9/11 happened within the first twenty-one seconds of his address ( in case you had forgotten ) and then proceeded to tell us the same thing he has said from the moment this campaign began. The mainstream media’s coverage of this United Nations event has consisted of the same clip of George Bush dozens of times.

What you don’t know if you are an American is that a great many others are speaking as well. In fact as what can be construed as another example of disregard for the International Community as a whole, the president’s tardiness precluded him from being the first speaker as was originally scheduled.

As a result, the first speaker was the representative from Brazil. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend you visit CSPAN and watch it for yourself. It was a beautiful speech to open the new U.N. session with. He made a statement replete with the wishes of the world and offered simple and plausible resolutions to the sufferings of the planet. He spoke of the world’s unified desire to live without oppression and in harmony and was met with a standing ovation when he left the stage. In the first ten minutes of the new session, the U.N. spoke for the world… And then came George…

I won’t regurgitate what George said. He does it just fine for himself and Lord knows he gets enough coverage… But you know what he said. He spoke of the “terrorists” coming to get us. He spoke to the “people” of the countries we have invaded and told them not to believe the “propaganda” that the U.S. is terrorizing them. He told them that “terrorists” live amongst them. He explained that the “peace” they had before they were invaded was not “real peace” and that somehow we were bombing them for their “freedom”.

If you are American, what you don’t know is that George Bush is the only one who holds this opinion. Almost without exception, every other speaker from every other country had a message of peace and unity and freedom from oppression.

The reason for this global disparity in “opinion” is easy to understand. While we in this country continue to cry “terror, terror, terror,” the rest of the world has figured out that they are the “terrorist”. Every time America is in fear of loosing it’s “freedom”, they are the ones who are punished for it. What makes it impossible for Americans to understand is that we have never ( without exception ) been in that position.

The world is tired, and with good reason. We never see it in this country, but the world has been at war for as long as anyone can remember. Oppression has existed for as long as Man has, and we in this country are intentionally oblivious to that fact. We stay oblivious to that reality because to accept it would radically change our way of life and our false opinion of ourselves. Our entire economy is based on slave labor and that should be obvious to anyone who takes five minutes to look. In the event you weren’t aware of it ( for example ), the beans for that five dollar cup of Starbucks coffee you drink were picked by slaves who make two dollars a week. If you have doubts about this reality, I encourage you to look up the things you use on a daily basis. If you find yourself surprised by who, how, and where they are made, it is only because of the denial of which I speak.

So while we in this country continue to defend a false reality, the actual reality of our actions and “way of life” is no longer acceptable to the rest of the world. They have already decided… We as Americans just don’t know it yet. The world is quite tired ( and rightfully so ) of being told the only answer to any problem is bombs… Particularly when American problems are the only ones ever addressed and the bombs are always pointed at them.

This is not a struggle… it is already done. The World has decided. The World is self-aware and has already decided what the future is. We, as Americans, have to graciously accept that. No war will change the nature of this reality. Bombing one more country’s infrastructure will not make us one more friend and it’s time we accept and understand that.

This is not all bad news for the American Dream. As I said before, the World is remarkably forgiving. The World does not want revenge on us. The World doesn’t want to kill us. The World only wants to Live Free. We ( not as Americans but as Global Citizens ) have as much right and are as welcome to this new reality as anyone one else. But certainly it is something that we must join as opposed to demanding as we always do that the rest of the world join us.



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