Monday, August 21, 2006

UK : Our foreign policy is just plain wrong

The relationship between Mr Bush and Mr Blair has done untold damage both at home and abroad.

Menzies Campbell

Over one issue in particular, effort must be made - Israel/Palestine. As the Lebanese government was being chastised for its failure to implement Security Council Resolution 1559, calling for the disarmament of Hizbollah, little was said about Resolution 242, calling for Israel's withdrawal from territories it had occupied in 1967. As long as the Palestinians are subject to daily humiliations and settlements are expanded on the West Bank, all in breach of international law, and denied a viable homeland, Israel's legal and moral right to live in peace behind secure and recognised borders will be undermined. Israel/Palestine should become not a cause but an obsession. If it redefines our relationship with the United States, so be it.

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I am not a natural fan of Mr Cambell but on this ocassion he has my support.


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