Monday, August 07, 2006

Posting policy change

After receiving numerous complaints about the debate that took place between myself and 'Bryan' last night I have decided to take note of those complaints and make some changes to the site rules.

Nobody enjoys watching two people bat back and forth over the same issue for hours on end and any such argument can become very frustrating for those who wish to raise other issues within the debate and feel unable to interrupt.

My personal view is that many people simply wish to disrupt the flow of the debate and get us all arguing about the details of each and every word in whatever article they happen to find themselves reading. Unfortunately at 4 am in the morning I can be prone to taking up such bait and start to debate with those who really care more for creating a bit of a scene.

I apologise to those whose normal enjoyment of the articles we post was disrupted last night. I commend Bryan for being the first person in many a month that has made me realise that a change in the posting policy is required.

I have taken a look at web sites that have considerably more traffic and dissent than Terrorism News and looked at how they deal with the problem of two people batting back and forth on the same thread in never ending pointless rambles and noticed that the wonderful Information clearing house has (as so often) already been down this road and has developed a policy to prevent such annoying events from occurring. So I have adapted the policy in place at ICH and included the rule they use within our current posting policy.

I totally accept that I should have drawn a line under Bryans comments much earlier in the thread and the current posting policy (in particular the rules on disruption and presentation of evidence could and some say should have been applied) but I have decided that such a back and forth type of debate really does need a rule all of it's own.

Now the improved posting policy is in place and if anyone has any concerns , suggestions or Ideas about the new comment rules they are most welcome to email the site and we will take your opinions into consideration.

Updated comment rules

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