Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Price of Human Life in Baghdad: US $2.40

Oxfam International report says lack of control over the international ammunition trade is partly responsible for the escalating violence in Iraq. Research published on June 15 shows that the price of taking away a human life in Baghdad is currently US$2.40.

"Our research shows that new ammunition is widely available on Baghdad's black market," says Barbara Stocking, director of Oxfam.

"There are two likely explanations for this: either it was smuggled in from neighbouring countries or it has leaked from coalition or Iraqi forces' supplies. In either case, weak controls mean lives lost on the streets of Baghdad."

Walking on the streets of Baghdad anyone can purchase an AK-47 bullet for US $0.30, says the report "Ammunition: the fuel of conflict," which states that this situation is fuelling conflict and human rights abuses throughout the Iraq.

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