Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Paradise Now (video)

This is a powerful film that has become controversial because it forces you look at things you might not want to think about. Hany Abu-Assad's gripping and insightful drama about two Palestinian terrorists preparing for a suicide mission may be shocking but it certainly opens a window into the culture and life of the people in Palestine.

Western thinking may never enable us to understand why someone would decide to become a human bomb. Watching this film will not change your opinion. Such things I believe depend on the culture and society that you belong to. However it is impossible not to recognise the anger, humiliation and shame that drives people to such extreme desperation.

I do not think that there is anything in this film that would come as any surprise to the average Israeli, merely that they would disagree with its conclusions. You may disagree too but in my opinion, such films are all the more important to watch if you feel your are able to judge the conclusion without watching the film.


Watch the film Here (windows media player required)

Source : Again the excellent ICH

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