Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Known Truths , Closed Minds

My meeting with Rumsfeld : By Ray McGovern

A graphic reminder for those wishing to spread some truth around that we have our work cut out for us. We have to find imaginative ways to use truth as a lever to pry open closed minds.

Read the article Here.


Blogger business voodoo said...

well, a closed mouth is a first step!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

May 09, 2006 10:42 am  
Blogger DJEB said...

There are known knowns and there are known unknowns. We also know that there are known to be known unknown knowns as well as unknown known unknown knowns. These are not to be confused with the unknown known unknown unknowns. You know?

May 09, 2006 7:28 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...


Djeb . You grabbed the very thought in my head when I wrote the title.


Very true and thanks for taking the time to visit


May 10, 2006 4:39 am  

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