Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Iraq doctor brings evidence of US napalm at Fallujah

EVIDENCE to support controversial claims that napalm has been used by US forces in Iraq has been brought to Australia by an Iraqi doctor.

Dr Salam Ismael, of the Baghdad-based group Doctors for Iraq, said the evidence pointed to the use of napalm on civilians during the second siege of Fallujah in November 2004.

It is contained in film and photographs that doctors took of bodies they collected when they were finally allowed to enter the city after being barred for three days of the military operation.

"We said that napalm had been used, because napalm is a bomb which is a fuel bomb that burns only on the exposed part of the body, so that the clothes will not be affected," Dr Ismael said from Perth at the start of a speaking tour.

Doctors For Iraq, an independent group founded in 2003, is calling for an international investigation that would allow the bodies to be exhumed for autopsies "because we want to know the truth of what happened".

Dr Ismael said the napalm was a modification from the 1990s of the wind-driven napalm chemical bombs used by the US in Vietnam in the 1960s.

The US Government admits using white phosphorus in Iraq but denies using napalm. Dr Ismael said the pattern of burns on bodies collected in Fallujah suggested otherwise.

Asked to respond to the napalm allegations, a Pentagon spokesman said only that the US did not target civilians. It was up to the Iraqi Government to decide if international investigators should be allowed into Fallujah.

Source : Here

Yet another claimed war crime. If confirmed , the hypocrisy of attacking a country to remove its claimed chemical weapons and then using such weapons against civilians areas is beyond words. As is so many other actions brought down upon the Iraqi people in the name of democracy.

We have already had many try to claim that the use of white phosphorus inside the city of fallujah was not a 'chemical weapon' . Nobody denies that when used as intended (to light up the battlefield ) it is clearly not. But common sense says that if you are using it at ground level to burn people alive inside a city then it certainly is a chemical weapon . Now Napalm has been mentioned and that is much further up the scale . I hope for people of Iraq and the innocents in Fallujah that this claim is false. We will have to wait and see.

Note the photograph above shows the use of white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians / not Napalm for I have not yet seen any photographs of this claim.


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