Friday, May 26, 2006

George : My regrets

George Bush now admits his "tough talk" rhetoric was among the biggest errors made during the conflict in Iraq

Whilst at a news conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair Bush said he regrets using phrases like, `Bring it on' - kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people," Bush said somberly, in response to a British reporter's question.

"I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner. You know, `Wanted dead or alive,' that kind of talk. I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted. And so I learned - I learned from that."

He could have 'decided' to stop with that little admission , but oh no, the Deciderinator just kept on going...

"I think the biggest mistake that's happened so far, at least from our country's involvement, is Abu Ghraib. We've been paying for that for a long period of time."

So what about the Blair. Loyal sidekick of the Decider. How did he score on the well lets try being honest for once and see if that makes them like us routine. (Seemingly taken from the book of Failed Political techniques to out stay your welcome in office. )

Well Blair said that the way the international coalition embarked on the "deBathification" of Iraq after the ousting of Saddam Hussein as president had been the biggest mistake he had seen.

Tony Blair went on to say that in retrospect, he may have underestimated how long it would take to establish a democracy in Iraq. "I'm afraid, in the end we're always going to have to be prepared for the fall of Saddam not to be the rise of democratic Iraq, that it was going to be a more difficult process,"

Blair finished his confession by noting that the allies seriously underestimated the strength and determination of the insurgency."It should have been very obvious to us" from the beginning, Blair said.

Isn't amazing how differently they speak once the popularity polls start reaching the kind of numbers where Siberians start to assume your talking about their weather and penguins start visiting the empty sacks once used for your fan mail to cool off from a hot day in the sun.

Well this little list of regrets is way too short and considerably too late to be of use to anyone . but I still want to know who gave these two the truth serum. If only to ensure that next time they are both given a much higher dose. Maybe it's just the romance of seeing each other after all this time. Its made their heads go all giddy.

Isn't it great that these two leaders of powerful nations are still hanging about on a horizon of understanding that the rest of us could see all along. It would be funny if it wasn't so true


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