Monday, April 24, 2006

Site News

Well I have been away a long time so it is probably about time I popped my head above the parapet....

Firstly can I say a big thank you to Djeb for putting a few posts up and keeping a watchful eye over the site whilst I have been indisposed. Djeb has gone(as he stated) to get his hands dirty in Canada doing permaculture work and you can keep up with all his projects over at Permaculture reflections

In the last two months I have been unable to check the site in any way so I am surprised to find it still here and even more surprised to find quite a few people who still check in only to find the same thing as they found the last time they passed through. So it is long overdue for me to give an update on the status of the blog.

Whilst I am at it, I would also like to apologise to those of you who have emailed the site in the last couple of months and not got any reply from me. My intention was to get round to replying but it just became overwhelming.

Since I have been away I have found that many of the excellent sources and sites that I have always found inspiring have also become dormant such as Daily Dissent which has officially and regrettably closed shop and the equally fine Logical Voice which has not been updated for a few weeks now.

On the plus side sites like information clearing house seem to be going from strength to strength and they have now branched out to allow comments from their thousands of readers. Finding so many well informed and educated commenter's in one place is a blessing after living here at terrorism news for so long with what became a constant daily bombardment from those whose only desires seemed to be the wish for mass genocide of the people of Iran and the continued torture and abuse of prisoners at places like Guantanamo bay.

Whats new .... Well Rove and McClellan have gone , Iraq has a new Prime Minister and the war pimps are still hyping the bull shit to the max in preparation of the latest pet project of the American President called Operation Iraqi (oops Iranian) freedom in what will be yet more prime time television for the extreme right wing of the world and a sickening massacre of innocents to the rest of us.

Bin Laden has a new tape out (yawn) just in time to help Monsieur Bush through the lowest possible public approval rating of almost any leader in history. It seems no matter how low the opinions go Mr Bin Laden is always on hand to try and help out his Republican friend in times of need.

What about me ... Well I don't really know. I do know that the constant need to repeat myself (daily) against the constant flow of those who have the energy to leave a comment but lack the basic courtesy to read and apply the sites very simple posting policy was very monotonous so my tolerance for such things has reached zero.

Once was the time where a decent upbringing and manners left me feeling obliged to reply to each and every absurd non sequitur that passed through this site but my view has evolved into one of decency and courtesy will always be returned in kind and personal attacks and hatred of Muslims etc will just simply be placed into the void. Life is too short to spending time dealing with other peoples hatred and anyway freedom of speech means that they are all welcome to create their own blogs to spout out whatever they wish.

So the site is back up and running if not at any where near the intensity that it once was. By the way if any of you out there who share the sites left of centre and global perspective wish to help out with a post a day or a post a month then let me know via the sites email address. I really could do with a hand in trying to take Terrorism News to the next level.

Anyway a big thank you to everyone who has passed through and hopefully all being well we can start to fill the site up with some new content again.