Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Many killed in Egypt resort blasts (video)

Source BBC video (windows media player required)

At least 23 people - including three foreigners - have been killed and 62 wounded in three blasts in the Egyptian resort town of Dahab, officials say.The explosions occurred in a bustling area popular with tourists during the early evening when many people would have been out in cafes and restaurants.

Eyewitnesses spoke of seeing debris and body parts in the streets. Southern Sinai peninsula resorts have been hit before. About 60 people were killed in Sharm el-Sheikh last July. The attack on Dahab, a low-key resort popular with Western backpackers, budget Israeli tourists and divers, was swiftly condemned. There were lots of bodies around, people running with blood coming out of their faces

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called the explosions a "wicked terrorist act", and US President George W Bush described it as "heinous". The Hamas-led Palestinian government said it "strongly condemns this criminal act which floutsour religion, shakes Palestinian national security and works against Arab interests".

Israel's ambassador in Cairo urged Israelis in Sinai to leave immediately, and a stream of Israeli cars were reportedly heading to the Israeli border at Taba by late evening. Israel has offered to send emergency teams to the scene, the defence ministry said.

Dahab was full with Egyptians enjoying a Spring holiday and Israelis marking the end of Passover when the three explosions occurred in quick succession at about 1900 (1700GMT). They ripped through two restaurants and a supermarket in the busy shopping and restaurant area close the seafront.


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