Friday, March 03, 2006

A Strategy Paper Calling for the Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

"We had to create a false rational for going in [to Iraq] to get public support. The books were cooked, in my mind. The intelligence was not there. I testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee one month before the war, and Senator Lugar asked me: “General Zinni, do you feel the threat from Saddam Hussein is imminent?” I said: “No, not at all. It was not an imminent threat. Not even close. Not grave, gathering, imminent, serious, severe, mildly upsetting, none of those.”

General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Retired)

This extensive position paper documents that key administration officials targeted Iraq long before the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001 as part of what they called “America’s grand strategy” for global domination. Once we understand the reasons U.S. leaders invaded and occupy Iraq then the case for an immediate and complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops and bases becomes clear and compelling. Please note that I am not laying out a conspiracy theory. I am bringing to light information based on the writings of Bush administration officials and their supporters (so-called neoconservatives). Their views are part of the public record but largely missing from mainstream media sources and therefore absent from the public debate about the war.

Read the paper here


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