Sunday, January 29, 2006

When your used up where do you go (video)

The music video When your used up, where do you go. Soldier is a thought provoking piece that's worth viewing and is performed by The Robert Cray Band . The band also asks you to sign this letter to the American Congress.


Blogger Voice 1 said...

Interesting, thanks for posting this.

January 29, 2006 11:22 am  
Blogger Mea said...

Living in a State aflush with military bases, I have spoken to many soldiers who came home with this dilemma. Some are distraught because they believe in our country and are willing to put their life on the line for it, but are angry about the justification for the war.

Whether I agree with militarization, wars, etc. the mental and physical duress these soldiers go through is astounding and troubling.

Good book on the topic:
On Killing by Grossman.

January 30, 2006 4:05 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

I hear you M , it can't be easy for them.

January 30, 2006 5:02 am  

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