Thursday, January 12, 2006

UK : Michael Howard speaking sense about Iran !

Tony Blair is wrong to talk about democracy as the answer to all of the Middle East's problems, former Tory leader Michael Howard has said.

Quizzed on Iran in the Commons, Mr Blair said the world's security lay in spreading "freedom and democracy". But Mr Howard later said he was talking "gibberish" given that Iran's president had been "democratically elected".

"To go on and on about democracy, has he forgotten that the president of Iran, the cause of all this trouble, was actually democratically elected?," Mr Howard told BBC Two's Daily Politics.

"I'm all for democracy but to say it's the answer to all the problems of the Middle East, and the world, is absurd," he added.

Source : here

Now when a right wingnut like Howard starts speaking more sense then the so called center left ( read right) UK government then it really does make you wonder how far off course British politics has become.


Blogger Hype said...

finally, somebody who can discern truth from bullshit..

we need more people like him.


January 12, 2006 4:00 pm  

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