Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Memo stokes up terror flights row

The US may have used UK airports to transport terror suspects more than the twice so far admitted, a leaked Foreign Office memo suggests. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says only two cases, in 1998, have been found where such transfers were approved.

But the memo published in the New Statesman magazine shows uncertainty. "The papers we have uncovered so far suggest that there could be more than the two cases referred to in the House by the foreign secretary" it says.

The memo, written in early December, is apparently designed to prepare Tony Blair for questions about the flights - part of a process known as "extraordinary rendition".

It says officials are urgently examining the files.

"We now cannot say that we have received no such requests for the use of UK territory or air space for 'extraordinary rendition'," , "We should try to avoid getting drawn on detail" and "try to move the debate on... underlining all the time the strong counter-terrorist rationale for close co-operation with the US" the memo states .

The Foreign Office and Downing Street both refused to comment on a leaked document.

Source : BBC

What a surprise , It seems Jack Straw may not have been telling the truth when he tried to say this only happened during the time of President Clinton .

It has often been said that ' A lie can work its way around the world before the truth has even put its boots on' . I just never considered that the boots in question would be on the feet of a suspect who was on his way to be illegally tortured .

For all the latest on the constantly evolving issue of 'extraordinary renditions' why not check out Reykjavik Transit. A great source on this subject .


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