Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CIA abduction claims 'credible' whilst assurances from Straw are 'worthless'

Allegations that the CIA abducted and illegally transported terror suspects across European borders are credible, an investigator has said. Swiss senator Dick Marty has submitted a report on the claims, made in the media, to a meeting of the human rights committee of the Council of Europe.

Mr Marty criticised the US for refusing to confirm or deny the allegations.

Mr Marty's findings were released in an official statement by a committee of the 46-member Council of Europe, the continent's human rights watchdog.

"The elements we have gathered so far tend to reinforce the credibility of the allegations concerning the transport and temporary detention of detainees - outside all judicial procedure - in European countries," He went on: "Legal proceedings in progress in certain countries seemed to indicate that individuals had been abducted and transferred to other countries without respect for any legal standards."

The European Union has so far declined to investigate, although it has said any member state with secret prisons on its territory could have its EU voting rights suspended. Poland and Romania have been named by the media as possible locations of CIA secret prisons, but have denied the allegations.

In his statement, Mr Marty said it was "still too early to assert that there had been any involvement or complicity of member states in illegal actions". But, he warned, if the allegations proved correct any European states involved "would stand accused of having seriously breached their human rights obligations to the Council of Europe".

Meanwhile in the UK the foreign secretary Jack Straw is coming under fire ....

Jack Straw's statement that there are no records of the CIA flying terror suspects through the UK to face torture may be "worthless", a group of MPs say. The MPs are not reassured by the foreign secretary and say they have legal advice suggesting the government must actively investigate the claims. But Mr Straw later told MPs there was no need at all for a judge-led inquiry.

( something to hide Mr Straw ?)

Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie and Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell have set up the all party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition. Mr Tyrie said Mr Straw's comments should "reassure nobody". He said it was "hardly surprising" there were no records because the Home Office had said "records of transit application are not kept once the transit has been completed".

It is fun watching the ever increasing hole being dug on the issue of 'renditions' (another nice word for the Orwell fanclub ). It is just a matter of sitting back and waiting to see whom from each country gets to fall into the hole . It sure is a big enough hole so dont rush guys , there is plenty of room for all of you but please do try to take a few senior US officials with you if you dont mind


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