Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Video : The war on terror linking Saddam Hussein to America's WMD and civilian deaths

This video is not new , I just came across it for the first time myself today and decided to post it . (real player required ) please allow the video to load. It takes a moment after you click the link


Did we help Saddam to get his WMD ?
Do we kill innocents ?

and other direct questions ...

Must watch video , take a look at a snip Here at what happens when a government representitive is not prepared to be asked the sort of questions that a well versed reporter should be asking .

How can we justify our actions in the war on terror when those that should be able to give straight and simple answers to what led us to war are made to look as pathatic as this .

If your interested in what is being said in the clip and wish for further information , why not watch the whole progamme that the clip was taken from Here


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