Saturday, November 19, 2005

Venezuela's Chavez calls Bush 'killer', 'madman'

CARACAS (AFX) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lashed out at his US counterpart, George Bush, late yesterday, calling him a 'killer' and a 'madman' after a top US diplomat criticized Caracas.

'The planet's most serious danger is the government of the United States. ... The people of the United States are being governed by a killer, a genocidal murderer and a madman,' Chavez said at a meeting of Venezuelan and Brazilian business executives in Caracas.

The Venezuelan president criticized testimony to the US Congress by Washington's top diplomat for Latin America, Thomas Shannon, who said Venezuela was a 'threat to regional stability'.

Chavez accused the Bush administration of 'assuming the right to grossly intervene in any country'. Shannon's remarks, he told the executives, were part of a 'new offensive' by the White House, after its 'failure' at the Summit of the Americas in Argentina.


Anonymous AfueraChavez said...

Hugo Chavez is a Dictator. He is the worst of the worst. SHAME ON YOU if you think he is good!!!

View a video of Chavez violating Human RIghts.

No podemos olvidar; que se sepa que este es un regimen asesino

Venezuela was always a beautiful country, we had our different political parties, like you do in America (Republicans, Democrats) except we had a few more, with 2 parties that you could say were the two that won opwer back and forth between eachother.

But we were free to have our own opinion and dissent against any idea, that was against our principles.

There were poor people in Venezuela like most countries in Latin America but throughtout the 70s and early 90's the economy and the dollar was very low to the bolivar. 4 to a dollar.

In the 80s after the market crash, the dollar went up very high, and we stop importing foreign products.

Throughout the 80's the slums grew but there was NEVER and I want to remind everyone NEVER a class or racial issue.

There were always people at the top with whatever color you call them mulatos o moreno. I am moreno myself.

THings have only improved to in the Life of the Members of the ruling party.

If I dont join them my life will never get any better. That's our only options to accept and submit and become one of them.

Laws only affect us. Unless my uncle or someones is part of the system.

THe people on the slums dont support him by majority. We all depend on them. I receive Cesta Tickets. Or your Food COupons. If I protest against them I get them removed.

I use to be able to travel freely but now I have to ask permission to travel and to access foreign currency, only have access to $300 per trip and the travel arrangements have to be paid from Venezuela. It makes it hard when every place you go takes a deposit on the credit card that does not get credit and you have to get DOLLARS in the black market because it's ilegal to get them and you run the risk to go to jail for the next 10 years for buying Dollars from your brother or father.

You tell me if I live in the Garden of Eden cause I will switch with you any time.

November 19, 2005 6:48 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

I didnt say chavez was good :-)

I just repeated what he said .

you said "like you do in America" I am british , not american

I totaly agree , Chavez is not a good ruler by any sense of the word

I accept without question that Chavez is a danger to his own people and to the economy of his neighbours.

But the article is about what he says of president Bush ,who is a danger to the entire world

I wish for you a time where you are not held down by such a regime . but please remember , even a sick man such as chavez can from time to time say something true

My post is purely on the words he used to describe the american president and i agree with him on those words

ask me if i agree with his policies in his own country and you will find nothing i will respect (or very little)

I understand your anger at Chavez , please do not misunderstand my reason for this article

November 19, 2005 6:59 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

PS , i see your actually in the US

thanks for the video , i will watch it shortly

November 19, 2005 7:03 pm  
Blogger DJEB said...

A dictator who has been voted into office multiple times? Golly.

November 20, 2005 5:33 am  

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