Saturday, November 19, 2005

UN rejects Guantanamo visit offer

The UN has formally rejected a US invitation to visit the Guantanamo prison camp, saying it cannot accept the restrictions imposed by Washington. UN human rights experts said the US had refused to grant them the right to speak to detainees in private.

UN senior official Manfred Nowak said private interviews were a "totally non-negotiable pre-condition" for conducting the visit.

Some 500 terror suspects are being held at the US military camp.

Mr Nowak, the UN's special rapporteur on torture, told the BBC his team would accept nothing less than unfettered access. In front of prison guards they would never tell you the truth because of being afraid of reprisal

"If you want to hear from a detainee or know from a detainee whether he or she has been subjected to torture or ill treatment then you must be allowed to speak to this person in private," he said. "In front of prison guards they would never tell you the truth because of being afraid of reprisal.

"There are certain conditions which we feel are non-negotiable and unannounced visit to places of detention and private interviews with detainees is one of those totally non-negotiable pre-conditions."

Source BBC

Yet another double standard , The UN applies the same rules to every country they visit , and nobody refuses , well apart from the likes of this US adminsitration

Refusing the UN request will not just be a matter of "sorry" this will have consequences. They want Iran to comply with ALL international requests of inspections but refuse to comply with a basic (and standard) request placed on them

These guys have NO credibility left to spend



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