Wednesday, November 02, 2005

UK : parliament puts the breaks on new anti terror laws

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has moved to head off a further revolt over new anti-terror laws after the government's majority was cut to just one vote.

Mr Clarke's climbdown came as he faced possible defeat on plans to extend the time terror suspects can be held without charge from 14 days to 90 days.

He appealed for a vote on the issue to be delayed while he sought consensus.

Earlier, ministers won their slimmest majority since 1997 over plans to outlaw indirect incitement of terror.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and some Labour MPs oppose plans to extend the detention time limit to 90 days.

Civil liberties' campaigners say the move would effectively bring back internment.

Ministers say existing laws cover people who encourage a specific Tube train to be bombed but do not target those who urge attacks on the Underground network in general.

And they want people to be prosecuted if they know "or have reasonable grounds for believing" that their words will encourage terrorism.

Commons home affairs select committee chairman John Denham said the key test for the incitement plans were whether they would prevent young people being drawn into terrorism.

"As these clauses [of the bill] are currently drafted, they are more likely to make things worse than better," argued Mr Denham.

Whats going on ? , civil liberties being protected by the conservatives !, Parliament having sensible and logical debates

Whatever the reason , i am just pleased they are thinking it through and not just jumping for the patriot act type of laws of our American cousins.

I Never thought i would find myself supporting the words of the british conservatives and now i have gone and done it for a second time on my site

Scary times

my source : BBC


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