Thursday, November 10, 2005

Todays last throws in Iraq : November 9th

Nov 9 (Reuters) - Following are security incidents reported in Iraq on Wednesday, Nov. 9, as of 1830 GMT.

QUSAYBA - Five civilians were killed in a U.S. air strike on a house being used by insurgents on Nov. 7, the military said. The insurgents had killed two occupants when they forced their way into the house to use it to attack U.S. and Iraqi forces, who did not know hostages were being held, the military said.

BAIJI - Local police said they found the body of Imad Awadhallah, a local photographer with Egyptian nationality, who was shot dead in the town of Baiji, north of Baghdad.

BALAD - Two civilians were killed and another wounded when gunmen attacked their car on a road near Balad, north of Baghdad, police major Ali Hussein said.

RAMADI - A member of the Iraqi Islamic Party was found shot dead in the city of Ramadi, 110 km (68 miles) west of Baghdad, doctor Hamdi al-Rawi said. He was abducted on Tuesday by gunmen.

BAGHDAD - One civilian was killed and another wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a highway in the southern Dora district of the capital, police said.

- The driver of a senior official in the education ministry was killed by gunmen in the impoverished Shula district of the capital, police said.

- Gunmen shot dead a Sudanese driver at the country's embassy in Baghdad, two days after a Sudanese diplomat was slightly injured after being shot at in the Iraqi capital, a Sudanese official said.

RUTBA - A U.S. Marine died on Tuesday after his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb the previous day near Rutba, 370 km (230 miles) west of Baghdad, the military said.

MOSUL - U.S. forces said they had killed one suspected insurgent and detained two more in a raid on an Ansar al Sunna safe house in a village near Mosul, in northern Iraq.

- Seven Iraqi policemen were killed and nine wounded, three of them civilians, when a car driven by a suicide attacker exploded in Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, targeting an Iraqi police patrol, medical and army sources said.


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