Saturday, November 05, 2005

George Bush: Video of Protests in Argentina : It must be nice to be so loved

Wherever he goes in the world George bush brings riots , chaos and anger in his wake.

Of course the same happened in the US when he won his election and he refused to leave his car for the traditional walk to the White House and in London Scotland ,Iraq and the rest of the middle east , well simply put all across the globe

Dont worry though we all get a go .This week its the turn of south America to shout at the worlds most hated man.But of course the entire world and half the United States (at least) are all wrong

Mr Bush is a very nice man

He just has a way of winding people up the wrong way

you know the stuff , invading Iraq , ignoring Kyoto , disrespecting the UN , Gitmo , Abu graab ... all just failures of communication , he didnt mean it honest

Anyway , todays video clip shows the warm welcome Mr Bush recieved
enjoy it Here

video source : BBC


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