Saturday, November 05, 2005

Argentina : Protests turn to anti Bush riots

Hundred of protesters have run riot in Argentina, throwing rocks at police just blocks away from the opening of a summit attended by 34 Americas leaders.
Groups of demonstrators approached security cordons around the summit, and a bank was set on fire as police fired tear gas to disperse the rioters.

But smaller groups armed with wooden clubs and wearing bandanas began burning US flags, throwing stones and petrol bombs, breaking windows and setting fire to shops. The protesters chanted slogans calling President Bush a terrorist and a war criminal. Bush was in Argentina for the Summit of the Americas.

Graffiti proclaiming "Get out, killer Bush" and "Yankees go home" was spray painted on two monuments in Brasilia, and hundreds of protesters burned an American flag and an effigy of Bush on Friday in front of the U.S. embassy.

So it seems flag burning is also a south American hobby , good job the flags were probably made in china


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