Monday, October 31, 2005

U.N. inspectors to visit Guantanamo camp

UNITED NATIONS: Three years after making the request, the United Nations reportedly will be allowed to inspect the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

The BBC reports the Pentagon has allowed the visit, saying it proved it had "nothing to hide," after numerous complaints by human rights groups.

More than 500 detainees are at the camp, which opened in 2002 after the invasion of Afghanistan.

The United States said the three U.N. monitors will be allowed to inspect the facilities and talk to military officers but not the detainees.

Lt. Col. Mark Ballesteros, a Pentagon spokesman, said the International Committee of the Red Cross already was doing that.

The treatment of the detainees has been questioned, the latest charge was that those on a hunger-strike were being force-fed.

The Pentagon says 26 people are on hunger-strike and that they are force-feeding those who are getting dangerously ill from it.

Reprieve, a British human rights group, claims more than 200 are refusing to eat in protest of the conditions at the camp.


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