Friday, October 07, 2005

UK troops detain Basra policemen

British forces have detained 12 people, including three police officers, in connection with a series of deadly attacks on UK forces in southern Iraq.

Brigadier John Lorimer said the raid, in Basra during the night, was aimed at stopping the surge in attacks by local militia on allied troops. "This terrorism must be stopped, we have a right to protect ourselves and innocent citizens," he said.

Brig Lorimer said in a statement: "Some of the individuals we have arrested are linked to militia groups in Basra. Some of the individuals are members of Basra Police Service. "

So current Iraqi law says that they can not arrest British servicemen but we can arrest Iraqi Policemen ?

I am not saying we were wrong to do so , but i am seeking clarification on who is running the country , I thought we were told it was the Iraqis so shouldnt the Iraqis have arrested there own police officers ?


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