Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraq : MOD poll ' 65 percent feel attacks on troops justified'

LONDON (Reuters) - Sixty-five percent of Iraqis believe attacks on U.S. and British troops are justified, according to a secret poll said to have been commissioned by British defence leaders and cited by The Sunday Telegraph.

Less than 1 percent of those polled believed that the forces were responsible for any improvement in security, according to poll figures.

Eighty-two percent of those polled said they were "strongly opposed" to the presence of the troops.

The paper said the poll, conducted in August by an Iraqi university research team, was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence.


Blogger G_in_AL said...

forgot the "Note" at the end:

*Poll was done of approximately 1,068 former Baath Pary officials


October 24, 2005 6:11 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

LOL , if only

whats so scary about this poll G is that we should not even know it took place

it was a secret poll , carried out by the british ministry of defence (MOD) for there eyes only

it was to help the british government understand whats happening on the ground , i doubt they expected this

October 24, 2005 7:03 pm  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

there is no secrets anymore... especially if it may be damaging to Bush. There are too many Beuro-boobs in the governement that are irritated in his cut-backs, re-orginizations, and croneyism.

They were placed there before by the previous administration, and now find anything the can to "leak" out if it hurts Bush.

I'm sure some of the same things are happening in the UK

October 24, 2005 8:00 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

very much so

I am not sure about the MOD but MI5 and MI6 have been vocal in their lack of respect for blairs actions

when your own intelligence agency is gunning for you then your in the shit deep

Look at how many 'top secret' british documents have been leaked to the press

the downing street memo was just the start

October 24, 2005 8:08 pm  

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