Sunday, October 23, 2005

British MP puts forward motion to refer US to security council

A British MP has tabled the following motion to put before the house in an upcoming Parliamentary session. The event is in many ways a non starter as any of the perminant five members can veto a proposal that is put before it .

However this is worthy of note for two reasons

(1) It will be embarrassing for the nation pushing the world to prevent the spread of WMD to itself be put before the security council for breaching world law on the transference of biological weapons

(2) The wording is of note , and there is no doubt that this is a major breach of world law and makes a laughing stock of the rule of law when a nation can veto itself out of trouble that would get others invaded

Exact wording as follows....

That this House notes that the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention binds signatories not to transfer to any nation any agents, toxins, weapons and equipment of biological and toxin warfare and provides that any nation finding another signatory in breach of this undertaking may lodge a complaint to the UN Security Council;

Notes that the Riegle Report to the US Senate has published evidence that the US sold bacillus anthracis, clostridium botulinum, histoplasma capsulatum, brucella, melitensis and clostridium perfringens to agencies of the Iraqi government pursuant to export licences issued by the US Department of Commerce, at a time when the US was fully aware of the Iraqi biological warfare programme and that these exports have been fully documented noting,

in particular, that the US sales included Vollum strain anthrax, found by the Iraq Survey Group to be the strain of anthrax used in the Iraqi biological weapons programme, and which, as reported in The Times of 9th August, originated from a dead cow in Oxfordshire; calls on the Government to report these sales to the Security Council in the light of its commitment in the April 2002 Green Paper,

Strengthening the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, that those at every level responsible for any breach of international law relating to the use of such weapons will be held personally accountable; and urges the Prime Minister either to lodge the necessary complaint with the Security Council or change the UK's stated policy after an appropriate public announcement and discussion.


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