Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The unravelling of India's Persian puzzle

Interesting read from the Indian national press


By voting against Iran in the IAEA, India has put its alliance with the United States above any concern of national interest, energy security or international law.

FOR ALL its pretensions to a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, India on Saturday flunked its first real test as a rising world power. Where no less than 11 countries smaller and less powerful than us — Venezuela, Algeria, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Yemen — had the courage and good sense to join Russia and China in refusing to endorse the U.S.-backed agenda of confrontation with Iran, India threw in its lot with Washington and the European troika.

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Blogger G_in_AL said...

H, you seriously need to reevaluate your allegences. You are calling those countries couragous because they voted with China and Russian, but India is not because they voted with the US, UK, France, and Germany?

You think we influenced them... but you dont think China and Russian influenced the others?

You are dangerously close to falling off the "self-hate" cliff that means nothing your own nation does in its own self interestes can be good, only if they completely self sacrafice can it be a good thing.

Iran is dangerous, you have not even tried to read anything anywhere that would show you that. Instead, you have based yourself on an idealistic belief that Iran has nothing but good intentions, and China and Russia (two human rights and world unity wonders themselves) are the only two countries with enough bravery to see it.

Get real. Those two have a vested financial interest in a non-sanctioned nuclear Iran... that is why they dont support it. If Iran had made half the statements about China that it has about the "West" they would have sent the million man army in already...

September 28, 2005 1:59 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

I think your missing something G , I am not saying anything , the post is a snippet from the "Hindu" which is probably the most popular newspaper in India , the views are NOT mine ,

this post is to show what the people of india (the worlds largest democracy) are reading about how India supported America ,

I am not praising or condeming anyone here , I often do condem yes , and when i do i am happy to stand up and say it like it is , but these are not my words G

If you click on the link , you will see that i have just cut and pasted the next paragraph of the article

you said "You are dangerously close to falling off the "self-hate"

erm how so ? there is not a single opinion of mine above , i assume that it is the opinion of millions of indians

you said "Iran is dangerous, you have not even tried to read anything anywhere that would show you that."

sorry G , I have , i have read the IAEA reports , I have seen what Israeli intelligence has told the world , and i here what bush and blair says

not one of the above has (as yet) presented any evidence at all ,

I am no friend of Iran , I am an enemy of Bullies , that is a different thing , I have watched too many people die in Iraq over WMD that did not exist and now I could be watching the same thing with Iran

the reason that the security council can not even find a date to discuss this is purely due to there being no evidence

you say China and russia have a vested interested , and to me that depends on exactly what you mean ,

if you mean they have an interest in Iran gaining nuclear power then you are correct , but if you mean they have a vested interest in Iran gaining weapons you are very very wrong

NOBODY things Iran is on the verge of having the bomb , the question is , are they trying to ? , the urgency is not immiediate , so all i ask is present proof before we start bombing another country

a question for you .. you think i take things without question , so think about this

Iran is shia controlled
Iran is majority Shia
the Iraqi insurgancy is Sunni led
but you keep telling me that Iran is helping the insurgancy !

tell me , why would the SHIA iran help the SUNNI inusrgancy to kill and murder Iran's SHIA brothers in the south ?

come on , you have to admit it does not make sense

but have you ever questioned that ?

September 28, 2005 3:13 pm  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

yes, and I have questioned why Al-Qaeda elements would now be in Iraq if they had "sworn" off helping the former Saddam regime.

My only conclusion is that most of the muslim extremists see us as the overall enemy, and Iran agrees, thus will do just about anything to undercut our plans for Iraq. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality.

Now, as far as the rest of my comment, I took the un-bolded portion of your post to be your comment, sorry there.

September 28, 2005 3:53 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

I hear what your saying G , But Shia supplying weapons to kill Shia still just does not add up

I am slowly becoming more sceptical of what we are being told G ,

I am even begining to question certain elements about "al-qaeda" in iraq

somebody somewhere is lying to us , of that i am sure

and we are expected to believe that Iran is so evil that they are willing to supply the weapons to kill there own people

Iran supplying the Insurgancy would be like the US bombing London , it just does not add up

I can present you here with plenty of evidence that Iran and Syria are both enemys of Al-qaeda but that does not mean the US will join them in an allience does it ,

Have you read my post "return of the living dead" ? , read that (a couple of posts down) and tell me whats going on (skip the beginning , you have posted on that yourself)

tell me how zarqarwi can be doing all these things , when he clearly died in june ? how can he declare war on the Shia last week ?

I feel a bit dumb , as i have been posting his statements sicne june , and it seems clear they are ALL fakes , and the western powers for some reason want us to believe he is running the show !

There is much more I have discovered of late that i do not yet feel sure about posting ,

but there is a lot of lies being told to US by the west and i am getting increasingly concerned

September 28, 2005 4:09 pm  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

H, here is my problem with most of your beliefs: You would rather support and keep faith in the idea that your country, along with mine, is operating a vast conspiracy and telling nothing but lies all in an effort to remian in a country (which effort may end up losing them power), for mysterious reasons that no one can pin down.

But you immediately reject suspicion of and have faith in people that have made open declarations of thier hate and desire for our destruction. You immediately classify Israel, the US, and the UK as "bullies", and take everything Iran, Palestine, China, and Russia say at face value.

You reject the notion of hidden motives and agendas, that may not be righteous or moral in these countries, but immedately assume those things in our countries actions.

You are always looking for the "loop hole" and the "catch" in American policy and decision making, yet will jump to the defense of a country like Iran.

You say it makes no sense for Iran Shia to kill other Shia... well, except for that whole intense hatred of Iraq ever since the Iraq/Iran war. And that the terrorist elements dont care which Allah you belive in, if you are not for them, you are against them.

You also seem to shrug off the fact the Islam, by itself, is a very fluid religion when it comes to morals, ethics, or unity. The Imams and Mullahs and other clerics are not exactly what you and I see has "holy" men. THey do not even pretend to share the trappings of conventional clergy in the Western world.

Where we find an intense scandel in the Catholic child abuse, and Pat Robertson's call for Chavez's assasination, that stuff is common practice in the Muslim world.

You are trying to apply our realities and our values to a people that are on a different level. And in doing so, are ignoring that these people, no matter how much you try to "understand" them, would behead you just as quickly as the US Marines in Bagdad.

That is why it is so hard for me to keep bying your never-ending flow conspiricy theories and "lies" from our own countries.

September 28, 2005 7:10 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...


what conspiracy ? care to put out something that is not factual here ?

I dont take china and russia at face value , it is the US that claims that they are the good guys and Iran Etc is the bad guys , so surely it is your job to proove me wrong ?

I do not reject that other countries have their own agenda , i have said so many times on your site ,

by comparing the hatred that Iraq and Iran had for each other your missing the Huge part of history , your missing the fact that it was a SUNNI led war agaisnt Iran not a SHIA one

the SHIA in iran and iraq are the same people

claiming that Iraq is supporting the insurgancy is as dumb as me claiming that texas is at war with florida , it is crazy stuff , the last 2 presedents of Iran have made HUGE speaches stating that Al-qaeda is an evil , that it does not represent islam

I have no doubt that al-qaeda would behead me , that has nothing at all to do with Iran or syria , they do not support al-qaeda G ,

tell me again what is a lie ?
tel me what is a conspiracy ?

zaqarwi is dead G , long dead , check with all the labs around the world that have anylised the recent tapes , they ARE FAKE

you go round saying zarqarwi is blowing up children , zaqarwi is creating civil war , zarqarwi is the only reason the country is not stable

he is DEAD , long dead

you go round saying that the problem in Iraq si due to foreign fighters ....

they are NOT there G , less then 10 % of the insurgancy is foriegn

the clear view of belief in the hype is to see day after day that the facts you mentioned yesterday are prooved false today but never allowing that to change your view

you seem to forget that i supported the invasion of afghanstan , I am proud of my country and i certainly supported all recent events supported by international law

52 good solid british people died due to invading Iraq , the world is less safe now due to the stupidity

the extreme muslims are a very tiny minority G , we have been there before

at least in this country blair is sitting down with senior muslims to address why the islamics are so angry ,

as i have said to you many times , when your honest G then i respect that , if you say we are doing this for our own reasons then fair enough

but the US and British governments are telling us that this is some good fight for good moral reasons , and that is bullshit

i will not be giving a plate of bullshit by my government or yours or anyone supporting them

point out the conspiracys for me G , and we will see what is fact and what is not ?

September 28, 2005 7:28 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

Ps I am sure you already know G , but Zaqarwi lost his leg in 2000 ,he only has one leg , wouldnt be hide to find you think

September 28, 2005 7:39 pm  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

ok H, because everyone can find soemone with a wooden leg... shoot, all they have to do is go through every bldg, rat hole, and/or vehcile, in the whole country, all at once.

September 29, 2005 6:02 pm  

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