Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tehran students attack UK embassy

Students in Tehran have thrown stones and petrol bombs at the British embassy in protest at international pressure over Iran's nuclear programme.

The protest - organised by the hardline Islamist Student Basij Organisation - started off peacefully. Protesters chanted slogans calling for a repeat of 1979 when revolutionary students stormed the US embassy and took hostages. Suddenly tomatoes, rocks and firecrackers were thrown at the embassy gate, followed by Molotov cocktails. Chants of "Nuclear energy is our legitimate right" turned more violent, with protestors shouting "marg bar ingelis" - "death to England." One protester whose forehead was cut by a police baton left bloody hand-prints on a brass plate on the embassy wall.

Earlier in the day UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told the BBC he believed military action against Iran was inconceivable, despite US statements that every option remained open.

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