Monday, September 05, 2005

Iraq Lashes Arab States for Lack of Compassion

(Reuters) -- Iraq's Parliament has savaged fellow Arab states for failing to mourn 1,000 Shiite pilgrims crushed in Baghdad last week, while some had found time and money to help Americans hit by Hurricane Katrina.
Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari has held up the sympathy expressed by Iraqi Sunnis for the disaster during a Shiite religious festival as a lesson to Arab governments whose relations with Baghdad remain cool.
"Qatar felt sorry for those who were killed by Katrina, which is indeed sad, and sent them $100 million. Other countries did so too," Mr Jaafari said.
"But why is it that the Iraqi people are getting killed everyday but none of these countries says a word?
"Why would Spain and other countries send us their condolences while these so-called Arab countries did not even say a word?"
Mr Jaafari added that in any case, words of sympathy from Arab states would be hollow.
"We know they would be lying because they are liars."

Arab leaders have indicated some unease at the close relationship the new Iraqi authorities have with the United States and their ties with Shiite, non-Arab Iran.

I can feel a new sense of democracy and peace in the middle east already ...


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