Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gaza 'what cease fire ?'

Friday: Israeli troops shoot dead three Islamic Jihad militants in Tulkarm, West Bank, in raids on those suspected of involvement in suicide attacks earlier this year
Friday: Islamic Jihad responds with a rocket attack on Israel from Gaza
Friday: An explosion at a Hamas rally in Gaza kills 15 people. Hamas blames Israel. Israel denies any involvement. The Palestinian Authority accuses Hamas of mishandling weapons at the rally
Friday/ Saturday: militants fire up to 40 rockets from Gaza at the Israeli town of Sderot, injuring at least five people. Hamas calls them revenge for the rally blast
Saturday: Israel launches a series of air raids in response, including one that kills two Hamas militants in a car in Gaza
Saturday: Israeli troops and artillery gather on the border with northern Gaza. The borders with Gaza and the West Bank are sealed
Saturday/ Sunday: Israel launches more overnight air strikes and arrests more than 200 Palestinians in West Bank

Quote from Palastinian press

"What the Israeli authorities have been carrying out, and the raids they have been launching since the day before yesterday, can only be described heinous attacks... After announcing the period of calm on 9 February, the Israeli Government has proved that it is far from committed to this calm. "

Quote from Israeli press

"Now that the withdrawal is complete and the border crossings have become de facto international ones, Israel must treat attacks launched from the PA like attacks from any other country - which becomes an enemy state the moment such an action happens. Assertive security dialogue with the PA is the main weapon Israel should use, without compromise or concessions. "


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