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The US versus the UN 1972-2004

In honour of a certain Mr Bolton gaining new employment this week, I present this list for those that have a interest in the history

This is a complete list of the times the United States has decided to use its veto in the United Nations (not just the security council)

By comparison , the number of times each of the other countries that can veto something and have decided to do so is in the same period is as follows

UK 29
Russia 14
France 14
China 4

Before I start (or get complaints) a few things should be noted when reading this list

(1) This list originally appeared online around the 23rd of march 2003 , it was obtained from the United Nations itself and any errors may well have been corrected in the united nations by now ,any votes after march 2003 have been added by myself , the titles have all been modified to sumurise the subject contained within

(2) As you probably know only five nations on planet earth can veto a security council resolution (the four listed above and the US)

(3) Most items that come up at the United Nations do not get to the point of veto (example the second resolution required to go to war with Iraq). If any country believes that one of the five will veto then as the US did in 2003, they dont even bother to put it to a vote (it is better not to try than to fail)

(4) The title in each item on the list represents the general accepted definition of what 'world law' was trying to be brought into effect and it would be unfair of me in defence of the United States to not accept the fact that on many of these there may well have been a clause that genuinly was 'unacceptable' to the US , however it should also be noted that on the majority of occasions, the USA vetoed resolutions that were favoured by the majority of the world's nations.

(5) I have not included the year of each vote for reasons of space but the list does run in the order that the resolutions where voted on the first in 1972 and the last in 2004 but if you cant find the year ask and i will supply

(6) I have not inlcuded the actual votes cast due to space although this is proabably the most telling .. on the votes regarding israel mainly the votes in favour are around 120 to 140 countries , the votes against are 2 (israel and the US) . On the votes that are not about israel in around 90 percent of cases the votes in favour are around 120 to 140 countries and the votes against are 1 (it is the veto that counts) if you can not find the information yourself and wish to know the vote count of any resolution ask and i will supply

(7) If the same resolution is listed in more then one place in the list this is due to the United nations having another go trying to pass the law at a later point that year or a later year and is not down to duplication and should be viewed as a seperate event

(8) The point I aim to make here is in the general and not the specific , it is to show the range and scope of US vetoes and the huge disparity between the US and its security council partners

(9) Taking note of pointa (8) and (10) please . If you believe there is some aspect in the defence of this huge US disparity then inform me and if valid , I will aim to include it here in the issue of fairness.

(10) In any document that covers such a huge area of detail and time , errors will be found , this is accidental and will be changed if the error is pointed out

(11)for those who are not into suicide reading i have highlighted the more interesting votes. I have made the choice not to highlight the huge number of votes regarding israel (regardless of how serious)as this is NOT the point of my post and is covered in a million other places already and i believe would only encourage people to deflect from the point.


the United states used it's veto to prevent all of the following from passing through the United Nations

Condemn Israel for killing hundreds of people in Syria and Lebanon in air raids.
Afirms the rights of the Palestinians and calls on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories.
Condemns Israel for attacking Lebanese civilians.
Condemns Israel for building settlements in the occupied territories.
Calls for self determination for the Palestinians.
Afirms the rights of the Palestinians.
Condemns South Africa's attempts to impose apartheid on Namibia.
For the admission of Vietnam to the United Nations.
Condemns the apartheid situation in South Africa.
Urges the permanent members (USA, USSR, UK, France, China) to insure United Nations decisions on the maintenance of international peace and security.

Criticises the living conditions of the Palestinians.
Condemns the Israeli human rights record in occupied territories.
Calls for developed countries to increase the quantity and quality of development assistance to underdeveloped countries.
Calls for an end to all military and nuclear collaboration with the apartheid South Africa.
Strengthens the arms embargo against South Africa.
Offers assistance to all the oppressed people of South Africa and their liberation movement.

Concerns negotiations on disarmament and cessation of the nuclear arms race.
Calls for the return of all inhabitants expelled by Israel.
Demands that Israel desist from human rights violations.
Requests a report on the living conditions of Palestinians in occupied Arab countries.
Offers assistance to the Palestinian people.
Discusses sovereignty over national resources in occupied Arab territories.
Calls for protection of developing counties' exports.
Calls for alternative approaches within the United Nations system for improving the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Opposes support for intervention in the internal or external affairs of states.
For a United Nations Conference on Women.
To include Palestinian women in the United Nations Conference on Women.
Safeguards rights of developing countries in multinational trade negotiations.
Requests Israel to return displaced persons.
Condemns Israeli policy regarding the living conditions of the Palestinian people.
Condemns Israeli human rights practices in occupied territories.
Afirms the right of self determination for the Palestinians.
Offers assistance to the oppressed people of South Africa and their national liberation movement.
Attempts to establish a New International Economic Order to promote the growth of underdeveloped countries and international economic co-operation.
Endorses the Program of Action for Second Half of United Nations Decade for Women.
Declaration of non-use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

Emphasises that the development of nations and individuals is a human right.
Calls for the cessation of all nuclear test explosions.
Calls for the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
Promotes co-operative movements in developing countries.
Affirms the right of every state to choose its economic and social system in accord with the will of its people, without outside interference in whatever form it takes.
Condemns activities of foreign economic interests in colonial territories.
Calls for the ending of all test explosions of nuclear weapons.
Calls for action in support of measures to prevent nuclear war, curb the arms race and promote disarmament.
Urges negotiations on prohibition of chemical and biological weapons.(ed: yes its true :o) )
Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment, national development, etc are human rights.
Concerns changes to the United Nations accounting methods.

Condemns South Africa for attacks on neighbouring states, condemns apartheid and attempts to strengthen sanctions.
Condemns an attempted coup by South Africa on the Seychelles.
Demands that Israel cease excavations in areas of East Jerusalem considered by the United Nations to be part of the occupied territories.
Condemns Israel for bombing Iraqi nuclear installations.
Condemns Israeli policy regarding living conditions of the Palestinian people.
To establish a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East
To establish rights for the Palestinian people.
To clarify the status of Jerusalem.
Discusses Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip.
Concering the rights of displaced Palestinians to return to their homes.
Concerning revenues from Palestinian refugees' properties.
Establishment of the University of Jerusalem for Palestinian refugees.
Concerning Israeli human rights violations in occupied territories.
Condemns Israel closing of universities in occupied territories.
Opposes Israel's decision to build a canal linking the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Discusses sovereignty over national resources in occupied Palestine and other Arab territories.
Affirms the non-applicability of Israeli law over the Golan Heights.
Condemns the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
Condemns the shooting of 11 Muslims at a shrine in Jerusalem by an Israeli soldier.
Calls on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights occupied in 1967.
For the ratification of the convention on the suppression and punishment of apartheid.
To promote international action against apartheid.
Condemns apartheid in sports.
Calls for the cessation of further foreign investments and loans for South Africa.
Calls for the setting up of a World Charter for the protection of the ecology
Sets up a United Nations conference on succession of states in respect to state property, archives and debts.
Nuclear test bans and negotiations and nuclear free outer space.
Supports a new world information and communications order.
Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons.(again)
Development of international law.
To prevent the exclusion of certain United Nations employees.
Protects against products harmful to health and the environment.
Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment, national development are human rights
Implementation of the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States.
Concerning the adequacy of facilities of the Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
Development of the energy resources of developing countries.
Restructuring international economic relations towards establishing a new international economic order.
Afirms the right of every state to choose its economic and social system in accord with the will of its people, without outside interference in whatever form it takes.
Resolutions against apartheid South Africa.
Prevention of an arms race in outer space.
Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment, national development are human rights.
Concerning international law.
Concerning the Transport and Communications Decade in Africa.
Prohibition of manufacture of new weapons of mass destruction.
Reversing the arms race.

Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons. (yet again)
Requests a study on the naval arms race.
Concerning disarmament and security.
Strengthening the United Nations to respond to natural and other disasters.
Condemns support of South Africa in its Namibian and other policies.
International action to eliminate apartheid.
Condemns Israel for occupying and attacking southern Lebanon.
Cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab States.
Condemns Israeli attack against Iraqi nuclear installation.
On the elimination of racial discrimination.
Affirms the rights of the Palestinian people.
For the convening of a Middle East peace conference.
Prohibition of new types of weapons of mass destruction.
Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons.
Concerning the law of the sea.
Concerning Israeli human rights violations in occupied territories.
Condemns assassination attempts against Palestinian mayors.
Condemns Israel for failing to place its nuclear facilities under international safeguards.
Concerning a nuclear test ban.
To study military research and development.
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
Proposing economic assistance to the Palestinian people.
Support for the United Nations Industrial Development Organsiation.
Concerning the Industrial Development Decade for Africa.
Questions regarding the Economic Commission for Western Asia.
Condemns Israel for occupying and attacking southern Lebanon.
Condemns Israel for using excessive force in the occupied territories.
Resolutions about cooperation, human rights, trade and development.
Measures to be taken against Nazi, Fascist and neo-Fascist activities.
Calls on all governments (including the USA) to observe international law
Condemns Israel for its actions against Lebanese civilians.
Calls on Israel to respect Muslim holy places.
Condemns Israel for sky-jacking a Libyan airliner.
To set up a zone of peace and cooperation in the South Atlantic.
To eliminate existing imbalances in the information and communications fields.
To Strengthen of international security. ( the UN way not the US way)
Dialogue to improve the international situation.
For the establishment of a comprehensive system of international peace and security.
Declaration on the right to development.
Measures to improve the situation and ensure the human rights and dignity of all migrant workers.
Protection against products harmful to health and the environment.
Calls on Israel to abide by the Geneva Conventions in its treatment of the Palestinians.
Calls on Israel to stop deporting Palestinians.
Condemns Israel for its actions in Lebanon.
Calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon.
Cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab States.
Calls for compliance in the International Court of Justice concerning military and paramilitary activities against Nicaragua and a call to end the trade embargo against Nicaragua.
Measures to prevent international terrorism, study the underlying political and economic causes of terrorism, convene a conference to define terrorism and to differentiate it from the struggle of people from national liberation.(this was in 1987 the US government was not so fussy then)
Resolutions concerning journalism, international debt and trade.
Opposition to the build up of weapons in space.
Opposition to the development of new weapons of mass destruction.
Opposition to nuclear testing.
Proposal to set up South Atlantic "Zone of Peace"
Condemns Israeli practices against Palestinians in the occupied territories.
Condemns USA invasion of Panama.( well obviously they wouldnt vote for this one )
Condemns USA troops for ransacking the residence of the Nicaraguan ambassador in Panama.(or this one)
Condemns USA for shooting down 2 Libyan aircraft.(cough or this one)
Condemns USA support for the Contra army in Nicaragua.(erm now this is getting silly)
Condemns illegal USA embargo of Nicaragua.( ah after this the US gets a break)
Opposing the acquisition of territory by force.( no iraq war or any war without this one)

Calling for a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict based on earlier UN resoltions.
To send three UN Security Council observers to the occupied territories.
Afirms that land in East Jerusalem annexed by Israel is occupied territory.
Calls on Israel to cease building settlements in East Jerusalem and other occupied territories.
Calls on the USA to end its trade embargo on Cuba.
to send unarmed monitors to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Condemns Israel for acts of terror against civilians in the occupied territories.
To set up the International Criminal Court.
To renew the peace keeping mission in Bosnia.
Condemns the killing of UK worker for the United Nations by Israeli forces.

Condemns the destruction of the World Food Programme warehouse.
Condemns a decision by the Israeli parliament to "remove" the elected Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat.
Condemns the building of a wall by Israel on Palestinian land.
To end the USA's 40 year embargo of Cuba. (oops back in the charts )
Condemns the assassination of Hamas leader, Sheik Ahmad Yassin.
Condemns the Israeli incursion and killings in Gaza.

end of list


Blogger G_in_AL said...

out of the 191 items listed, 58 of them involved Condemming Israel for something, and 9 more Condemned the USA for something, 2 were something about the Gaza strip.... are we seeing a trend here? I did this using just a word find in MS Word, so we will say give or take a few.

Now, none of them contained UK, France, China, Iran, or Iraq... well, except one that Condemned Israel for bombing an Iraqi nuke site.

But you still insist the UN isnt anti-American, or anti-Semite?

August 03, 2005 3:36 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

yes i do

the list is (1) only of the us vetos WHY WOULD THE LIST CONTAIN THINGS THE US DID NOT VETO . HUNDREDS OF LAWS HAVE BEEN PASSED THAT CONDEM THE UK , FRANCE , CHINA IRAN AND IRAQ AND MANY MORE . THESE ARE NOT IN QUESTION if you want me to do a list for any other country then of course i will supply but it will be a much smaller list



this list is selective .. i repeat in ONLY contains the laws that the US have blocked so of course the list contains the US and ISRAEL
if you want every law that does not contain israel or the US then i am sorry i dont have the bandwith .. you have missed the point here G .. again the list ONLY contains laws that the US has vetoed

do you really think the US should never be condemed ??? ever ??? for anything ???

britain had the same issue with the falklands and with the suez crisis .. it is the shear number that i am pointing out

the united nations is NOT racist and NOT anti US

i warned in my point i didnt want to get into discussing israel .. israel can NEVER be condemed by the united nations for anything ever because regardless of what israel does the US will veto any complaint ... is that racist ?

this post is not about israel .. at all .. i have not highlighted a single israeli issue

it is the statistics not the spefics G

else we get into why did the US refuse to support a war on terror in 1988 etc .. that is would be shallow

ythe question comes down to whether anyone should have a veto at all

saddam hides chemical weapons and gets condemed but say america invades a soveriegn country but isnt .. why ... because it has the VETO

it is the VETO the post is about

i think i must have made my point now ?

August 03, 2005 3:48 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

August 03, 2005 3:48 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

previous comment deleted by me due to duplication

August 03, 2005 3:51 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

looks up and mutters " it is about the VETO G " .. mumble mumble mumble

August 03, 2005 3:54 am  
Anonymous somethingsphishy said...

It looks like Israel has the US in it's back pocket. When exactly did we become Israel's bitch? And I Don't see anything anti-semetic in anything the U.N has done. And I'm Jewish. Don't confuse Judaism with Zionism, two different things all together.

(totally unrelated); Here is a link to an amazing documentary about the neo-cons. It is an hour and ten minutes but well worth it. H you will enjoy it, if you get a chance watch.
G, I would love to here you opinion about this documentary, If you have an extra hour to kill.


August 03, 2005 3:55 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

ah thankyou thankyou thankyou phishy . i thought i would be mumbling "the veto" all night .. i am pleased you see the point here

as for the video .. information clearing house is one of my main sources the guy is a star ! so i will give it a watch .. but i wont link to him for he has asked people not to link direct to the movies for he has limited bandwith

thanks again

August 03, 2005 4:02 am  
Anonymous somethingsphishy said...

another link you might like H is;

August 03, 2005 5:18 am  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

We arent Israel's bitch phishy. But the UN is ready to condemn the Israelies for anything they ever do against the precious Palestinians. The world is one big hypocrite with them. They all want Israel to treat them so nice, yet no one else really helps them a bit....

Phishy, I almost never have an hour to kill. If you can, do your best to paraphrase, and shoot me an email at ""

I will objectivly read it and then come back to discuss.

I HAVE to get to work now, later

August 03, 2005 1:24 pm  

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