Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spy craft takes to gull flight

Aviation researchers at the University of Florida have copied the wing action of seagulls to develop spy drones that can morph shape mid-flight.
The toy-sized drones are being developed for tricky urban missions so that they can zip around tight places.

They could fly into urban environments to detect biological agents.

Funded by Nasa and the US Air Force, the unmanned, sensor-packed craft in development could be on missions in two to three years, say researchers.

By watching how seagulls alter their wing shape, and using morphing techniques, the agile craft can squeeze through confined spaces, such as alleyways, and change direction rapidly.

The micro air vehicles (MAVs) could automatically find their way to monitor locations, such as apartment blocks, where suspicious activity is detected

Am i the only one concerned by this , it seems very BIG BROTHER to me , i know the benefits from catching terrorists and major criminals yes , but how long before this technology is used to watch people for political reasons such as

Cindy sheehan
the Democrats
some guy who just goes to get a book on al-qaeda from the library
and many more examples i am sure

where do we draw the line between civil liberties and fighting terrorism , there is no doubt that america at the moment has done it wrong , but there does have to be a line somewhere


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