Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rumsfeld ups pressure on Iran

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said weapons from Iran have been found in Iraq. An issue that we reported on this site a few days ago

Mr Rumsfeld said it was "unhelpful" of Tehran not to have prevented them from crossing the border.
erm Donald , doesn't a border have two sides ? they are not responsible for the Iraqi border ! maybe you should be shouting at the Iraqis or if as you say only 3000 of them are trained then who is exactly is guarding the borders ?

what a wonderful and strange piece of double logic

He said the arms were "clearly" Iranian but refused to describe them or say how many had been identified

Some media reports have suggested that the weapons include sophisticated explosives that are finding their way into the hands of insurgents but there is as yet no independent confirmation of that

I hope Syria is watching closely ..

...they must be next


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