Sunday, August 07, 2005

Iraq suicide blast kills seven

Sunday's Last Throws

Seven Iraqi soldiers were killed and 17 were wounded in a suicide bomb blast in central Tikrit on Sunday, an Iraqi army source said.
The suicide bomber blew up a truck loaded with explosives at the entrance to an Iraqi army base in Tikrit, some 180 kilometers north of Baghdad.
Despite the violence, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview with Time magazine released on Sunday that the insurgency in Iraq is "losing steam" while "rather quiet political progress" remains on track.

ok Condoleezza , if you say so

UPdate .. on operation "losing steam"

AT least 39 people have been killed in attacks across the country overnight, including the region where Australian soldiers are based, as Iraq's president announced a series of meetings of political leaders to negotiate issues holding up completion of the new constitution Here


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