Sunday, August 07, 2005

Angry Outsiders Boosting al-Qaida's Ranks

They had roots in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Jamaica: the suspected al-Qaida foot soldiers in Britain were immigrants or were children of immigrants - a new breed of recruits that underscores the changes in the organization since the Sept. 11 attacks, say experts studying the London bombings.

you can read the full article Here and some snippets below

"Al-Qaida version 1.0 is functionally dead," said Jerrold Post, a founding director of the CIA's Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior. "Al-Qaida version 2.0 is almost more an ideology. ... It's an adaptive organization responding to a crisis."

"Diaspora communities are the main resources for this global jihad," Post told The Associated Press. "(Their families) left for a better life, but they really have not been able to fully integrate with the recipient societies that they have immigrated to."

Jenkins said al-Qaida recruiters are very good at spotting the vulnerable - often young men undergoing personal crises - whether drugs, crime, joblessness, poverty or a spiritual hunger. They are offered an ideology that explains the difficulties and provides a new mind-set.

"This is the way cults recruit," Jenkins said. "To a certain extent ... this is the way armies recruit."

"The thing that holds it together is the ideology itself," he said of al-Qaida's decentralized structure. "How do you attack an ideology? It's very rough to do."

If not impossible if you ask me .

This is in interesting article thanks go to lg-domain for the heads up


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