Wednesday, August 31, 2005

600 Dead after stampede in Baghdad

More than 600 people have been killed in a stampede of Shia pilgrims in northern Baghdad, Iraqi officials say.
The incident happened on a bridge over the Tigris River as about one million Shias marched to a shrine for an annual religious festival.
Witnesses said panic spread because of rumours that suicide bombers were in the crowd. Many victims were crushed to death or fell in the river and drowned.

Health officials said the death toll could go as high as 1,000.

Earlier, mortar rounds had been fired into the crowd, killing 16 people.

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Blogger G_in_AL said...

Things need to change H. I am getting in a slump. I have faith in myself and my family, but we need something good to come soon. The world is beginning to spiral. I think there is a huge moral dump in the US at least. It is most evident by the immediate finger pointing (as people are dying) over the hurricane. The left is saying "gobal warming" and "Bush's budget/war took money away".

The right is saying "environmentalists have killed our ability to produce gas, and this hurricane proves it"

10 years ago, this would have happened, but no the day after. They would have waited for the dead to cool before it.

This news about the Shia just adds more the plate of negative news and depression.

August 31, 2005 5:41 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

things are really not good right now i agree , and someone needs to be able to step above the anger (from any side) and unify the american people

outside looking in , it looks even worse then i am sure it does inside

I am not just being a scare monger G when i say that polorization like this leads to civil wars (eventually)

what is needed is a cool head , a lot of wisdom and the understanding of the american people ,

i look around right now and the right has bush and the left is not organised enough to make there case as well as they should be

is there anybody in american politics that can really lead the people and bring back civilized conduct

and i mean anyone from the moderate left or moderate right ?

as for the events in baghdad , they are tragic

updates i have picked up since posting have put the death toll upto a 1000 now

most of the dead are women and children (not strong enough to survive in the crush)

3 suicide bombers are believed to have been in the crowd but were captured (this is single sourced so i am waiting to confirm it)

dangerous times G , dangerous times

August 31, 2005 6:14 pm  
Anonymous somethingsphishy said...

Well this is why I feel a two party system is not fair to the people. How come during the presidential debates no independents or greens or any other party for that matter are allowed to participate? Just Dems and Repubs. If you listen real close. It seems these to groups say the same freakin thing, just in a different context. They are so polarized yet they are the same. It seems the other party's out side of dem rep are always delegitimized. The two party system is failing our country. How can more differing opinions and ideas and plans and thoughts and hopes all coming from outside the box be bad. I mean if I argue with someone over something, I don't just listen too myself, I hear the other side as well. Sometimes by hearing out the other side, you may just see a better way, or an easier way, or it may show you the errors of your ways. What I am trying to say is that I feel more differing opinions can be beneficial. There is more common ground in between ten thoughts then there is between two. Does that make sense?

August 31, 2005 7:21 pm  
Blogger _H_ said...

does this maker sense ?

yes , yes ,yes and yes , and you have also put your finger on the problems in my country to.

proportional representation has its problems i admit , but it is a much much much fairer system of democracy , and the price of the odd nutter getting a tiny amount of power is balanced by the fact that the true feelings of the people are represented

to claim a country is a democracy in a two party system has never made sense to me

August 31, 2005 7:30 pm  
Blogger G_in_AL said...

I agree with you phish on a two party system restricting the flow of ideas, and leading to less representation of the people, and more dictating TO the people.

The division is no where near civil war, but politically, we are at a bad spot. The left is throwing out destructive remarks and aqusations about the right to try and win back majority support. While I understand their urgency in feeling they need to stop the Rights power tour, they have lost all reguard for the ramifications of their actions.

There was a time when the Abu Gharab (spelling) or Gitmo issues would have been handled quietly behind closed doors. The same "justice" would still have been served, but we wouldnt have pulled our own pants down for the world to see.

Now, power hungery politicians will eagerly display the stains and mistakes of our nation in the hopes of taking votes away from the current party in power. The problem with this is that they fuel existing annimosity, and create new annimosity for the nation.

This hurricane is another example. To try and tear down Bush, they are trying to pin any and everything they can onto Bush. Bush didnt sign Kyoto, he cut the funding the Corps of Engineers, he ignored the calls for improved levees, he's flying around on speechs, and the list goes on.

THe problem: While his speach from the Rose garden wasnt spectacular, he was where he should be. Kyoto wouldnt have stopped a hurricane, and it wouldnt have saved a single life. In fact, its best case senario hope was to reduce global warming by approx 13% over 100 years. The levees had been ignored for decades, and cutting the budget is hindsight. The engineers THOUGHT they had done a good enough job that didnt need improving when a cost/benifit ration was done. Guess in retrospect they were all wrong, but it wasnt just Bush.

All this gives the people in the south less hope and more animosity. It does not give them added courage to rebuild. It does not help them pay for anything. isnt launching a huge group down there to help rebuild and clean up. But they sure could orginize for Crawford.

This is all politics to them. The very day of the hurricane, the extreme left in this nation was trying to pin blame onto their political opponents. This is the same with Iraq, and 9/11.

You see, I need someone who doesnt just want power. I want to hear from a party that actually has a vision, not just a mission to get Bush out.

Democrats right now are lost for a vision or plan. They only have a mission to get Bush out... news flash, HE CANT RUN AGAIN! Quit campaigning against him.

September 01, 2005 6:16 pm  

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