Wednesday, July 20, 2005

US defence asks Congress to raise recruitment age to 42 !

the US Defence department quietly asked congress on monday if they would raise the age limit for recruits 'for all branches of the service'

it is well known that the US military has for some time had major recruitment problems so defence officials have responded with these new “urgent wartime support initiatives”

for all the info check out Army times


Anonymous somethingsphishy said...

I can't see that helping recruiting goals all that much. Maybe they are just getting ready for a draft. We are stretched far to thin too invade Iran and Syria now. If there was a draft I would imagine many would object and leave the country (more so then Nam). So maybe the higher age limit would help to compensate for that loss.


July 21, 2005 12:17 am  
Blogger _H_ said...

i agree , it smells of desperation

thanks for the link will check it out now :o)

July 21, 2005 1:31 am  

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