Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday in London (London bombings)

My thoughts....

The last two attacks on the city have happened on a Thursday .
Three of the four attempted bombers are still on the loose
There is evidence that the flats already raided contained plenty of explosives for many more such attacks.
The three (at least) remaining bombers may well feel that they would rather go with a bang then be captured and spend there lives in jail

These are all reasons to suggest that an attempted attack could happen today

On the other hand ,

There was a two week gap between the last attacks .
One of the Bombers has been captured and four are presumed dead
The police and MI5 (leaving aside killing an innocent and the report stating we lowered our security threat level ) have done a fantastic job
Many 'unknown terrorist houses' have been raided
The three suspects are bound to be running scared
Security will be at it's highest level ever
The people of London will have eyes like hawks

So it seems there is equal reason to suggest there will not be an attack today

I comment on this site often and without shame about the suffering that happens around the world sometimes at the hands of our Governments , sometimes at the hands of Terrorists but always to the detriment of people .

In the end it is always the people that suffer

It is impossible to imagine what it must be like to live and work in Baghdad , every single day they cope with this and every single day families are being torn apart by bombs

Today as the clock works its way round to 07:30 my thoughts are with the people of my city ,the people of London

I pray today ends without event


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