Wednesday, July 13, 2005

They had only just started out in life

26 children , lives ripped apart and all so young , in one day there lives change from the next possible Nobel prize winner to just another statistic

Here And here


Anonymous somethingsphishy said...

It still amazes me that this isn't front page news. If it happens in Britain or USA it's the end of the world. But when it occurs on a daily basis in what was once a sovereign nation, well thats just not news for the MSM.

Michael Jackson owes some money, now that is news. Oh yeah how can i forget, I learned on the news this morning that Brad Pitt is sick in the hospital. Never mind that 26 innocent Iraqi children were killed today, Brad has the flu!

Well needless to say my heart goes out to all the innocents who have needlessly suffered as a result of this aggression.

Today's journalists are a bunch of yellow, spineless, cowards. Much like the chicken hawks that continue to run this world into the ground.

July 13, 2005 6:40 pm  

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