Friday, July 22, 2005

Some interesting quotes from the BBC reporters

These quotes have built up through the day on the issue of the latest London attack....

'According to an eyewitness here people have spoken of smelling smoke on the northbound Victoria Line and an eyewitness has spoken of people running off and leaving their shoes and belongings when they smelled that smoke'

'That has all been evacuated and that's all the information that they are giving us at the moment'

'One man said he had been told a person had thrown a rucksack on a Tube train and jumped out just before the doors closed, that there was a bang with smoke and people had fled.'

'At the same time she said she heard a small detonation and the smell of smoke. I couldn't quite work out from her whether she was talking about just smoke from a fire... she had to leave in a hurry and the police were taking her away.

She seemed to give the impression that it may have been tear gas or something. It would be consistent with a tear gas grenade, a small bang, a flash and the smell of acrid smoke. That was what she seemed to be describing. '

Among those hoping for the all-clear to be given is Reverend Nabil F Shehadi who was asked to be on hand by the Bishop of Kensington.

"People so far have just been asking how they can get home," he said. "The ironic thing is that my next position is as vicar of Beirut and I'm wondering which is safer

'On first sight there are similarities to what happened two weeks ago.

But the timing is slightly odd, much later in the day rather than rush hour for maximum damage.'

'I'm standing less that 100 yards from the Oval Tube station. Whatever the police have found down there, they are not telling us. '

these quotes in the main have come from the BBC


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