Friday, July 22, 2005

Shoot to kill !

A young british male who had been under surveillance since the failed attack in London yesterday has been killed by armed police on a train full of people at Stockwell Tube station

It appears that the man 'wearing a bulky jacket' refused to stop when requested by police and a chase began as the man jumped the ticket barrier and three armed police officers ran after the man.

The male ran onto a train at Stockwell station but was running so fast that he tripped .
Two of the Police officers jumped on top of the man and held him down whilst the third fired five shots into the head of the male using a black handgun . Many passengers on the train are in shock at this time .

It is coming to light that there has been a change in the instructions issued to armed police due to the new ' suicide bomber' threat to the UK . Under normal procedure the armed officers would aim for the chest in order to disable the suspect but it seems 'secret guidance' has been issued that allows the officers to shoot to kill


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