Friday, July 22, 2005

Saddam complains of no access to a lawyer

A video was released today of a recent unknown court appearence by Saddam Hussein

Saddam seemed to have a number of issues he wished to raise along with the claim that he had been denied access to his lawyers

"The lawyer only sees his client when there is an investigation session. Is this the law?" Saddam said

other points of note from the ex dictator include

'Saddam complained that when he greeted the judges, he got no response.
"When someone like me says 'Peace be upon you,' and no one responds, then this is a big insult for someone like Saddam Hussein," he said.'

'Saddam also said his arrest and detention by the Iraqi government was a joke, since the Americans were the ones with power.
"I am under detention. This is what is being said. It is a game," he told the judge, in an apparent reference to being held at a U.S. military base' Yahoo news


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