Friday, July 15, 2005

Letter from the insurgents

this isnt a news story just my thought for the day

I have come accross a letter to "the british people" from the insurgents in iraq being posted on a large number of web sites since the 8th of july .(the day after the London attack)

the letter does not claim that they had anything to do with the horrific attack's on london the day before ,if they did then i would not be discussing them here and i would be calling the authority's

(whom i am sure already know considering the the first web site that actually did claim responsibilty was closed down within 10 mins of posting) .

I have no more support for what the insurgents do then i do for what the US and UK administrations have done to iraq
(i may understand what motovate's the insurgents but i would never endorse it)

the letter is the what you would expect (the other side of the argument put forward by bush and blair) which doesn't personally offend me here living in London , and i for one see no reason not to publish it

.especially as "freedom of speech" is one of those things we are ment to be defending

but the flip side is however open minded and not easily offended by "words" that i am , i do understand that some people are not able to see the bigger picture

they honestly dont see the connection when we say why is it that the children killed in iraq this week don't get the same coverage as those poor soul's that lost there lives in london . some people find a way to twist and turn that thought into some idea that you just said something bad.

to me that is ignorance . but ignorance is not something we should punish . It hurts alot when you are the victim of "terrorism" i myself had 2 very close calls from bomb's exploded by the IRA and to lose a loved one that way is beyond comprehension.

what doesnt translate in some people is that hurt must be the same from the other side and the families of those that died dont care if it was a terrorist or a cluster bomb fired by the US or British army . they care that someone they love is dead and quiet naturally they hate the side that did it

so out of respect for those that don't understand . i have decided (it wasnt an easy decision) not to publish the letter ( though it is easy to find if you wish to search for it ) and anyone who can't find it and want's the link email me and i will send you a link to a random one of the 200 or so web sites that are already posting it

as an after thought it's a strange world were the publication of "words" risk's creating so much offence but the deaths of thousands of innocent people barely makes it onto the news....


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