Friday, July 29, 2005

Have Some links,some Cryptography an explanation and a goat

Well lets start with the explanation .. due to staff shortages (cough) this site will not be updated until tuesday the 2nd august, evening (uk time). Comments will be read and responded to where possible but new stories will not be posted until then. My RSS feeds will still be running and any scoops i find will not be missed but will be late. so i would like to recommend this lot instead.

which brings me to the links which is the best place to find the latest on Iraq the london bombs al-qaeda and all the stories normally covered here

in the US

First on the board is Daily Dissent. A fantastic site who often succeed in being ahead of the trend. Then we have Americancentered for those undecided between the left and right.

In the UK

I would recommend Logical voice who I know nothing about but from what I have read, they seem to be what the title suggests.

For news stories;

a few random sites CBS Fox BBC Aljazeera CNN ITV SKY ABC australia that should do.

If you want to read a paper ,

then this is one place you can read 6000 newspapers on line from around the world Thepaperboy .

If you want to watch TV from around the world, including Iraqi tv

then goto wwitv

If you have an hour to spare and are bored out of your mind goto

If your looking to the answer to lifes conspiricies then you will fight the right one (erm along with all the wacky nutty absurd wrong ones) at Totse
If your aged over 25 and you wonder what happened to all those games you used to play on the old computers, you can get most of them for free at home of the underdogs

This next one comes with a warning . If you really, really want to know what is happening in the world without the lovely editing that all the above news companies will do, then this next one is the best .. but please .. they show real life . They show real war .. they show the death and destruction that comes with war and they dont pick sides, but they do show you the things CNN and Fox wont. If you are not sure you can handle seing real images from real war and real horrible death then DO NOT GO HERE. But if you really want to know for example what we are doing in Iraq then there is no better place on earth then Informationclearinghouse

If you know something doesn't sound right but you dont know why, check out these guys. They are often ahead of the trend when it comes to what really happened.

If all this is driving you crazy and you just want to get back to the good old manufactured truth, then there is no better place on earth to calm (or create) your fears the whitehouse .

If your angry about the Downing Street memos then dont be angry alone. Join the crowd at afterdowningstreet . As for more links , well there are thousands and these are just a few that happened to be on top of the pile. More links next time.

As for cryptography:

Well for anyone really bored, here is a simple cypher to decode. The question is who said this and what is it they said:

pei kjkdzkq mik zjjprmvzrk mjb ikqpeitkyes mjb qp mik wk vxkg jkrki qvpu vxzjlzjn

mopev jkw wmgq vp xmid pei tpejvig mjb pei ukpusk mjb jkzvxki bp wk

and finally here is the goat


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